Samsung galaxy ace 1 memory full advice pls

Found 25th Apr 2014
galaxy ace 1 advise please.
my daughter likes her phone but keeps getting message memory low/full but there is hardly any texts on there and not that many apps .
is there a custom firmware which allows the phone to use the memory card.
or another idea tried appstosd but still the problem is there
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there is no custom firmware option but just for your info I work for a leading mobile phone chain and the phone itself needs 25mb memory to function properly. Go to settings - application manager to stay on top of it. try removing updates for applications that are preinstalled but are not used, e.g Google+.
hope this helps
hi wanderer samsung devices running android operating systems have a data storage calculator that will tell you what is using up the available space. Under "settings" then "more" then "storage". I had this problem with spotify as I added playlists for offline play and this can use up you available space.

hopefully this article will help you
Mine does this too from time to time. Has she cleared all data and stopped un-needed running apps? Usually sorts mine out.
Unfortunately this is a common fault with the ace 1. Many of my friends and I scrapped the phones as they just can't cope with being a SMART phone. The internal memory phone just isn't big enough to operate the operating system plus a couple of apps.
Please excuse me from being quite rude, but the Galaxy Ace (1st version) is a terrible phone by today's standards.

The Moto G is a fantastic low-budget, readily available phone at a respectable price. Deals for the Moto G are available throughout this website.
I used to use custom firmwares a couple of years back on the Galaxy Ace S5830 to do what youre asking so it is possible, but it has been some time ago and will require rooting roms etc. If you want to go that route check out xda developers.
when I did it I may have used the "dark tremor" exploit if you wanna try that.Also rooting will allow you to uninstall system apps you dont use.
well after the advice and flashing a few different roms I decided it was time for another phone .shame really as the phone works well just some one didnt put enough memory in it lol
Thanks everyone for your input
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