Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

    Anyone got this? Thinking of getting it for a gift for someone. They want another Samsung so don't want to spend more than £180. Thanks


    I bought the galaxy e5 on ebay got a great deal on it new£70 without box and charger this is a great phone in my opinion and a fraction of the price of galaxy s series.

    my son got this for Xmas and he's made up with it xx did have an iPhone before that and said he wouldn't go back to apple

    Hi i've got this phone its brilliant but big except memory is always full, even with a memory card not all apps can be saved to memory card, it has a load of samsung crap filling up the memory as well as microsoft office which all can't be removed, leaving very little user memory so defo factor in cost if memory card and ages faffing about moving stuff just so u don't get mem full error message,

    And the all the crao you dont use gets constant updates again bringing up mem full message

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    I thought you said it was brilliant lol you're basically saying it's terrible.

    Depends on whether user is gonna store stuff on their phone i tend to, mrs does'nt

    You're right though really does my head in

    missus has it. does the job. memory does get full pretty quick.
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