Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (256GB internal storage) from Korea

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Hi all,

I am very tempted to purchase the Korean version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which comes in the 256GB internal storage variant. Wonda Mobile and eGlobal Central both sell these variants.

The Dual Sim is for £819 at eGlobal and the Single Sim variant costs £769 at Wonda Mobile.

Has anyone looked into importing these variants into the UK and using them on UK networks?

What are the implications? Any differences in processors in comparison to the UK spec'd Note 8's?

All input will be greatly appreciated!

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£800 is a shed load of money to take the risk with a Chinese company. You won't have any UK warranty and should anything go wrong you'll have the risk of sending it back to China.

Too risky.
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what the fcuk you need 256gb of storage for on a phone?
Phone wise I don’t think there are any differences. I did this for the dual sim version of the S6. The dual sim capabilities are brilliant.
The only issue I would have is purchasing for that high cost from that specific region. It’s very easy to get scammed over the internet so be careful.
why not buy the UK version then add a 256GB micro SD card if you truly need that amount of storage?

yes, overall might work out more expensive, but then you get a warranty and support, and you can always use the SD card elsewhere.
Theres no way I'd be paying over 800 quid for a phone and over my dead body would I be sending that amount of money to China..
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