Found 20th Sep 2010
I am looking for some information please. I have purchased a contract samsung galaxy s mobile phone on O2 through phones4u. Can anyone tell me if I need to buy a bolt on for data or wi fi. I only use the internet for facebook, football scores and general surfing etc. Also, why is the internet free on my daughters ipod touch but apparently not on my mobile?

Thanks in anticipation

Gloria x


wifi no but data transfre depends on contract,how many mb or gb u get a month

Presumably the ipod touch uses WiFi, which would also be free for you - if It's yours/known WiFi

if u are using the ipod touch in ur own house which has a wireless router then that is where it is connectring to the net. same with ur new mobile

Im guesing internet is a must on your phone as its always connected to the net? i remember my g1 (android phone)had to have a googlemail account and that was always connected, i rang up a £30 bill in 2 days for internet useage when my 1 month trial finished.

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Thanks guys, I think paying £5 a month might be safer for the timebeing until I am absolutely sure I am not going to be hit with a massive bill.
G x
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