Samsung galaxy S HELP!!

    Hi guys major problem i got.

    done a update about 2 months ago now when it was first released and all went fine apart from the driver not re inatalling correctly on pc but it finished all ok. It has worked ever since until today. Today it ran out of charge so i got home to charge it and waited a good 30 mins. Tryed to turn it on and it gets to the big S logo then goes blank....nothing at all. please help what is wrong with my phone!!

    p.s has been on charge for 2 hours now and still same thing


    try new battery/charger

    or soft reset

    Press and hold Volume Up and Power Button for 5 secs. Device will turn off and restart again.

    or try the followingworst case scenario: hard rest will delete all data be warned

    1. Turn the power off.
    2. Hold down the Volume Up, Power and Home (bottom center) buttons.
    3. When the "Galaxy S GT-i9000" startup screen show, release all the buttons.
    4. Use the Volume Up/Down button to navigate to "wipe data/factory reset"
    5. Press the Home button to confirm.

    or try

    Dial this code from your phone *2767*3855#

    Please note that Data will be lost for doing Hard/Factory Reset. If possible, create a backup before proceeding.…67/

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    Original Poster

    thank you very much. i cant try the dial as i cant get to the keypad bit lol thanks for the info

    Original Poster

    YOU SIR ARE AMAZING!!!! a complete lifesaver the factory reset workes thank you so much

    no problem
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