Samsung Galaxy S on Contract?

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Found 9th Aug 2010
Just about to come to an end of an 18-month contract, and not sure whether to try and upgrade or go elsewhere. Does anyone have an opinion on whats the best deal out there at the moment?? Im currently with O2 on 600 mins unlimited text unlimited internet (which may have been capped in recent months?) with a Nokia 5800. I will ring O2 anyway but I wouldnt mind having something to compare their deal with. Thanks very much. S.


i just got my voda upgrade which is the galaxy s, and its stunning!!!!! it has this awesome cool swype thing for texting where you run your finger over the keypad and it detects what letters you were thinking of, well it doesnt quite work like that but its magic in some kind of way!!!!
the video and camera are incredible on it too, i got it for nowt 300 mins, unlimited texts 1gb data for 30 notes a month on 18 month which i thought was pretty cool going

The best deal imo is the t-mobile free phone, 600 min, 1gb internet a month (some people have managed to upgrade free to 3gb) for £25 a month (24 month).

Im also after this phone, want to move off 3 to another network, but don't know which.
Thinking maybe Vodafone, are they the best for signal/customer service etc? (i know their deals aren't always quite as good tho) any opinions on best network?

don't mean to hijack!
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