Samsung Galaxy S2 Unlock Code

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I just upgraded my Orange contract and got the Samsung Galaxy S2 but i prefer the iphone i have so the misses is going to use it but she is on vodafone i have contacted Orange but they say i have to use the phone for 3 months before i can request the unlock code. Is there any decent websites that can do it quick or anyone on here able to do it and how much ?


You can actually do it your self. Will take around 5 mins.

To help you:

Do you know how to root your fone?
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Pretty much all you have to do it:

1) root your fone
2) install this app [root] Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock
3) Run app and tap SIM Unlock code
4) insert different sim
5) enter code given from app.

If you get stuck comment ere see if anyone can help you out.

I used the method that I commented which is similar to dcx_badass link and it worked for me. My SGS2 was locked on O2 and its unlocked on any network.

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Was just reading that on another post i think ill give it a go thanks for your help X)


O2 would have unlocked it anyway, one of the few networks that does.

Hmmm... not in my case


What did they say? O2 openly advertise it, never heard of anyone been … What did they say? O2 openly advertise it, never heard of anyone been turned down from it (apart from the original iphones).

Oh lol, missed read your comment, I never asked O2 to unlock, just did it myself.

If I dont belong to o2 but have an o2 locked Samsung S2 can I get it unlocked by o2?

I just tried this way but it didnt work. Maybe because I got a Tesco sim in an o2 phone?

i think that is awesome
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