Posted 7th Apr 2021
Looks like someone was trying to scam:

Guys, this is a scam.

I received a call from carphone warehouse and they are offering either

Iphone 12 or S21 ultra (256GB) on any network of your choice for 40£ a month (24M contract)

Unlimited mins/data/text.

Upfront £50.00 (Refundable)

Screenshot of the email below

Community Updates
Cold calls and spam emails are a constant problem for all of us, Carephone Warehouse is one of the companies which have fallen victim to scammer imposters posing as their sales department.

Often Carphone Warehouse fake calls go something like this: you receive a phone call claiming to be from a mobile services provider, such as Carphone Warehouse, and you will be offered a phone contract deal that seems like an absolute bargain, then you will be asked to give your details over the phone to sign up for the contract. If a deal seems too good to be true, the likelihood is that it is not real and it is one of these Carephone Warehouse scams. It is usually better to err on the side of caution and do your research first before giving out your bank account details finalising a potential scam contract to these people from an unknown mobile number.

Why do Carphone Warehouse keep calling me?
The likelihood is that if you are a Carphone Warehouse customer and you are receiving relentless unsolicited calls from blocked numbers, then your personal and account details may have been hacked by fraudsters at one of their call centres. So what is the best thing to do if you're wondering - why have Carphone Warehouse called me so many times? The answer is to first block these numbers instantly, then if you are unsure whether your details have been leaked you should contact your mobile provider. For example, you can use the Carphone Warehouse contact number, which is 0370 111 6565, and other ways to contact the Carphone Warehouse customer service team can be found on their website.

Do Carphone Warehouse cold call?
In short, no, the Carphone Warehouse cold calling which you may receive will most probably be a scam. For example, you may receive a call from a "sales representative" detailing a new cheap deal, which is too good to be true, for a contract on a phone, such as for a new iPhone or another expensive smartphone. If the caller asks you to disclose your bank account details over the phone, you should immediately hang up as this is a tell-tale sign of a scammer trying to scam you out of your hard-earned cash.


How to Spot a Scam
Nobody deserves to be tricked and stole from, that's why we want to aid you in understanding how to stay protected from scam calls, fraud and phishing. We have a handy guide which details how to stay safe while shopping online, it includes the signs which you should look out for when you are suspicious of being scammed. Check out the guide here.

If you would like to report a scam that you have experienced or were lucky enough to get out of unscathed then you can call Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040, or contact the mobile provider who the fraudsters and scammers were impersonating. By updating the authorities on current scams, others hopefully will not fall victim to the same scamming tactics.

How to Spot a Carphone Warehouse Scam Email
As well as phone calls, many scammers also send spoof emails that may not only include a fake phone contract deal, but may also have harmful viruses that will download themselves onto your device upon opening the email.

The best way to spot a scam is whether the email address is one you recognise or not, if it is an email address you have never received an email from before then it is usually best to not even open the email if you think it looks suspicious. However, if the email is from a company you know, trust and may even have an account with, then that is where the problem lies. If the email looks badly formatted or the text just sounds a little off, trust your instinct as it probably is a scam. Also if the email states that you need to fill out a form or update your account details, do not click on any hyperlinks within the email, rather go directly to your account on your browser yourself.

Luckily, the spam filter on your email account will likely filter out the majority of scam emails, however fraudsters are getting better at outsmarting this system so always be wary of emails with links in them. And, of course, if they offer you a deal that's too good to be true, then it's probably a scam.

What to do if you get a scam call?

1. If you receive a call from an unknown number, this is usually the first sign of a scam call.

2. It's best to simply not answer the call and block the number, but if you do answer here is what to do.

3. Remember to never give any personal information away including your name, address, email and definitely not banking details.

4. If the caller knows your name and that you are a customer at a certain mobile provider, this is not sufficient grounds to trust them.

5. If the caller offers you a much better phone contract deal or a huge discount on your current deal which seem a little too good to be true, it is very likely that it is a scam.

6. In this case, hang up straight away and if you can see the number which has called, note this down then block it straight away.

7. To prevent others from being scammed you should contact the mobile provider the caller was impersonating and tell them the details about the scam. Alternatively, you can also contact Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040 to let report the scam.
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    I keep getting these calls on a daily basis.(almost).

    My answer is "Can I collect the handset from your office since I live nearby"? Second one is "I want a monthly rolling contract, so cant give you my bank details" Thats when they dont know what to answer and a supervisor steps in.

    Their modus operandi is to order the genuine stuff (multiple times) from a network provider, but to a different address after securing your bank details for "credit check" and load the bills / non payments against you.
  2. Avatar
    The wording in the email is not something CPW would use
  3. Avatar
    That's a scam.
  4. Avatar
    fuzed07/04/2021 16:14 the email address properly - def one to avoid.

    From the email address.

    Seems odd that Carphone warehouse is ""

    It's rare a company uses a different email domain from their brand name.
    Like (scam)
    ^ First warning sign. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Seems too cheap? 960 for a s21 ultra
  6. Avatar
    MThommmo07/04/2021 16:05

    That's a scam.

    How come? I never gave my details and asked her to call me back tomorrow. But how you are saying it is scam. The from email looks legt. No?
  7. Avatar
    fuzed07/04/2021 16:14 the email address properly - def one to avoid.

    thanks - looks like a scam
  8. Avatar
    Aren't they bankrupt?
  9. Avatar
    Preying_Eyes07/04/2021 16:09

    How come? I never gave my details and asked her to call me back tomorrow. …How come? I never gave my details and asked her to call me back tomorrow. But how you are saying it is scam. The from email looks legt. No?

    That unfortunately doesn't mean anything these days. Email addresses can be very easily spoofed if you know how to do it, meaning whoever is sending the email can make it appear that it's from for Carphone Warehouse (or any other company / person etc) if they really want to. Anything can look legitimate when it isn't

    You could contact Carphone Warehouse by calling them yourself to ask, but don't rely on emails or phone calls received especially if you aren't waiting for any (edited)
  10. Avatar
    When I got a call few mins ago was Indian guy
    I shouted loud hello as know one spoke. Once he did I thought hmm a scam so when he got to the what network part I said your mums. He then said something about a sister lol
  11. Avatar
    I've found the Carphone Warehouse phone calls roll in when I put my phone number on my Gumtree adverts (I use a different "name" on there, so that's how I can tell). Same with spammy text messages addressed to my alias.
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    Ive just received a cold call from 'Carphone Warehouse' and I got to admit it was very convincing and I was that close to giving y bank details.

    As it was a poor phone line I asked them to email over the contract I was signing up for and it came from the following email address:-

    A quick google of this suggested it was a fake email and I told the assistant that there was no way in the world I was giving my bank details over the phone and asked if there was any other way of doing it - she told me no!

    At this point I thought this all just doesnt feel right and the deal was too good to be true aswell.

    The links from the email all went to the legit Carphone Warehouse website and the images and text within all looked pretty convincing apart from suspect alignment of the text and a typo in the spelling of 'International Minutes'

    Ive put this post here complete with the email address so that if other people google it it will then show up and bring them here.

    Stay safe and cautious people.

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