samsung galaxy S3 problem

    been having a problem with My S3

    getting a lot of occasions where when you press the power button on the side of the phone the screen goes off (as it shud if your not using the device) HOWEVER what should happen is when you press it again the screen comes back on, im finding 80% of the time it isnt and it can often mean i end up pressing the button for few min to get the screen on

    is this likely to be a fault with the power button than a screen fault? Has anyone had a similar issue and can say roughly how much it would be to fix it?

    Also, im thinking i need a new battery for this phone as its old, i noticed a fair few people sell S3 batteries on ebay both normal and high powered batteries. are these ok are best to avoid them?

    any help appreciated



    Is the phone out of warranty? I think it's 24 months.

    From sleep can't you use the home button to wake?

    That happens to me. I dropped my phone and it seems like the power button is overly sensitive. Even a slight tap will turn the phone off and wont fully start. I would just take the battery out and maybe clean around the button area. It seems to be ok but still have the same issues every now and again

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    Yeah its old got it from release

    as say its a bit weird

    once i press the button the screen goes off and when i press it again for screen to come on it doesnt.

    the 2 lights at bottom ( on the actual phone) go blue each time i press it but it can take a fair few attempts to get the screen on

    what you think about the batteries on ebay?

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    well i now dont think its the power button.

    i set the screen to go off after 15 sec of inactivity and attempted to get the screen to go on with the HOME button and again the 2 lights were coming on but no screen until x amount of attempts


    Have you tried a factory reset on it?

    Sounds like a software problem, obviously a factory reset would be the best option but that is a long procedure if the s3 is your primary phone.

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    no its not my primary phone

    it has no sim in it or anything

    what do i need to do

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    done a reset, now cant get it back on again :-(

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    okay phone back on. no better tho

    I was having issues with my phone turning off with even full battery changed the battery and phone was fine, was using the note 1. Maybe worth changing the battery I bought off eBay from a UK seller that had the relevant certificate or whatever it is.

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    nipped in a shop after work fri and a guy had a look, he seemed pretty sure it was a software issue and asked me to download Samsung Kies or something


    nipped in a shop after work fri and a guy had a look, he seemed pretty … nipped in a shop after work fri and a guy had a look, he seemed pretty sure it was a software issue and asked me to download Samsung Kies or something

    Kies is essentially the Samsung equivalent to iTunes for the iPhone - but without the store attached to it.

    I'm guessing the guy in the shop suggested this as it will tell you if there are any firmware updates available and download them for you (you'll need to connect the phone to the PC and run Kies) but you should be able to do this direct from the handset anyway?

    I'm on my 3rd replacement S3. All had faulty power buttons. If I press the phone to lock sometimes the button sticks and turns the phone on and off until I take the battery out. I spoke to orange about it as everytime I get a replacement a few weeks later it happens again I guess the s3 is just crap lol

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    Hummmmmm would samsung do anything even tho its a few years old now
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