Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 software update/downgrade

A friend has a Galaxy S4 on EE ,updated recently to 4.4.2. and having problems (major one being unable to text/call although phone shows full signal). Factory reset/cache wipe all done ..even works for a while after that then stops.
Now,i have googled and from what i can see she either needs to downgrade or upgrade the software .
I can do this (limited experience of rooting,so want to avoid custom firmware) IF i can find the software.
Anybody know where i can get the software ,either 4.4.4 or the previous version (guessing 4.4.0 ) and I think it has to be for EE .. ?
Or a workaround till the official update?


If 4.4.4 is the official latest version your friend should be able to get an over the air update.

google xda developers and read those forums

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Thanks ,from what i gather the E.E. 4.4.4 update hasn't (fully?) rolled out yet ... ive been reading XDA ,was my first choice :-) ..gets a bit confusing after a while :-)

You have a Galaxy phone not running Cyanogenmod? Dear oh dear.

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Nope .. I have a OneplusOne :-) .. mainly due to Cyanogenmod

its not for me ,its someone that would struggle with any changes :-)


You have a Galaxy phone not running Cyanogenmod? Dear oh dear.

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