Samsung Galaxy S7 Deals?

Found 18th Sep 2017
Hi. I've been looking for a mid-range SIM free phone that must have a compass and some degree of water resistance (splashproof, drop of rain, condensation). I want a phone around 5 - 5.2" with a good bright display and a decent camera. I currently have a Moto G3 and would have been quite happy with one of the Moto G5 phones except that they don't have a compass. I've recently been waiting for the Moto X4 to make an appearance for review and purchase but that seems to be dragging on forever. It's now going to be October and CPW only initially it seems.

One thought I'd had was to look for an 'end of line' flagship phone that might be dropping in price and so have been looking at deals for the Samsung Galaxy S7. There seem to be quite a few reasonable deals on the Edge variant with very few on the normal S7. Indeed the S7 now seems to be circa £530 in many places with several places showing as out of stock. (I would prefer a phone from a reliable UK source with UK warranty.)

I'm wondering if the S7 being possibly the last of the smaller flagship phones is in high demand compared with the Edge which is among the many larger high-end phones available. Does anyone have any thought on this?

Mobilephonesdirect currently have the S7 at £448, Amazon are circa £450 with delivery and I have a price match from JL at £454 which I'd probably opt for if I decide to go for it. Do I jump now or risk waiting for a better deal?

Your thoughts?
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artnada34 m ago

Why not take a look at the Galaxy A5 2017...

Thanks. I'd had a look at the current A5 and as you say it probably has all of what I want, think it is probably alongside the Moto X4 as the 2 most likely reasonably priced alternatives. It was actually looking at the A5 that made me look at the A7, the draw of a stabilised camera caused the scope/budget creep! Thanks again - PL
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