Samsung Galaxy S8 - replace smashed screen.

Posted 5th Jul 2021
Hi. My daughter has managed to smash her S8 screen. We don't have the budget for a replacement flagship so are weighing up the cost of repair vs. finding a decent enough budget replacement.

Any suggestions for repair? I'm pretty sure I could manage the task, but I haven't a clue what parts to order - everything seems to be described as "front glass" or similar. Our S8 seems properly done for, as most of the screen is a yellowy colour apart from a 1cm strip above the first horizontal screen crack. That area shows image (e.g. animated wallpaper) but really dull.

I got a quote locally for repair but it was £145 - not worth it for this.

As for a new phone instead, camera is pretty key, not too massive (teen hands) and a decent enough battery life. Would need to be circa £150, or we can go for a contract around £20pm (or so).

Thanks all.
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