Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 owners, can you connect to tv via the USB?

Found 5th Mar 2013
Is it possible to connect to a tv (through the USB input) using the USB which goes into the plug when you charge it? My tv isn't a smart tv, so was wondering if this was possible to do, then i could watch the iplayer for example on my tv screen. Thanks in advance for your replies
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Yes you can, you need to purchase a micro usb to hdmi mhl adapter, the male lead on the adaptor will go into the galaxy tab, the usb lead will insert into the side of the adaptor giving power and then you will also need an hdmi cable with two male ends to insert into the other end of the adaptor and the back of the tv.
I bought the two items from ebay.
Could you please post a photo/s of the cables and if possible a link to suppliers?
I think you're looking for something like this micro lead to tv alternatively take your Tab with you to Maplins and get a member of staff to find the cables you need.
Hi my husband went go maplins and they said to couldnt be done
A Galaxy Tab 2 does not have a micro usb slot so the mhl adapters won't work.. They are for a Tab 3...

Upto now I still can't find a way to connect my tab 2 to a hdmi cable... yet..
Though 3.5yrs old, not resolved, so: since the Tab 2 doesn't have a micro USB slot can just get a "micro USB to 30pin adapter", so that the above mhl adapters will work. Have seen a few on ebay - though may need to ensure you didn't get the ones labeled for Apple as I understand they are different to the Samsung ones...
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