Samsung Galaxy Tab / Android users.. - MoDaCo Roms???

    So recently bought a galaxy tab, just wondering whether these custom roms are worth it?

    Questions are though..

    Are they like the jailbroken ipod/ipad etc? (Installous sorta thing?)

    What would be the best one? (theres so many!)

    How do you do it?

    And which one do you have??


    i think you should really just read the forums carefully and maybe join? I expect you'll get better answers by doing that. but do read a few of them first, because the forum members tend to get het up over people asking the same questions time and time again instead of doing a bit of research.

    might actually be worth leaving it be for a week or two as i believe it is reasonably well sorted - at least that way you'd get a taste of what yo would prefer to change on it which would perhaps help you in narrowing down what, if any, rom you want?

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    If your tab is already running Android 2.2 or more, I really don't see a massive benefit to you using a custom rom, unless you need it unlocked.
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