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Thinking if getting the other half a brain headset for Xmas.
They have the s7 edge. I've seen the Samsung gear vr headsets but what I don't know is what phones they go with I was under the impression the phone slotted into the head set but then how can 4th e same headset work with various Samsung phones as they really different shapes /sizes so it's not going to fit them all?
Is there a specific one I need to by that fits the s7 edge?
I don't know Koch about this vr malarkey. Also can the other half then just download apps and games from the Samsung vr store on their phone to use?


Only works with s6 and s7,

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Only works with s6 and s7,

OK so does the phone slot in? If so how can the varying models fit one headset?
I'm assuming the edge models are included when you say s6 and s7?

You need this version…TU/ They're sold out right now.

You're basically looking for the blue version of the Gear VR. SM-R323NBKABTU is the product code for the version type you want.…496

You can find it cheaper on Google, but I'm not quoting them, because I've never heard of those stores - and you did say you want it for Christmas.

One of these, locks you into the Oculus VR stuff, and doesn't give use to the Google VR stuff.
But don't worry, there's an app for that! Basically for a few quid, you can buy an app that blocks the Oculus stuff from automatically loading, and you can then start up the Google VR. So you get the best of both worlds!

If you need help later with all that, let me know, and I'll add links explaining it all.

I used to own one myself, but I sold it on eBay some months back. I got it free with a Note 7, and we all know how that went! I had the version before hand as well, since I owned a S6, but I sold that too.

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The grips that hold the phone in place are springy so it can hold the various versions fine. They can download vr apps from the oculus store and also download/ use any apps available on the google playstore if they download Cardboard for gear VR. Takes a little fiddling about but once done gives a wider range of VR apps.
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