Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB + Enclosure or External HDD?

    Hi im looking for a hard drive for my hd media player can someone with knowledge about hard drives explain whether i'm better off buying a Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB + Enclosure for £60 or a smaller external drive for the same price? for the F£'s specs in an external hard drive the price is considerably more is this my best option?

    Any help will be repped, thanks


    F3 no question about it. Probably one of the best drives in the price range on the entire net. New models are out soon so these are a bargain, read/write speeds way higher than seagate and WD competition.

    Also the problem with the pre built enclosures is they use cheap drives, more often than not they are only 5400RPM not typical 720 and some even green editions so even slower.

    Took my data server offline ovr a month ago as it was feeling poorly. Just rebuilding it back up now and I have installed 4 of these drives in it. Not tested it to full extent but for me it was a hell of a investment in comparison to old WD HDD's that were in there.

    If you want high performance external drive go DIY route with F3 wont be disappointed. But then again if it is only storing data and pulling music and movies form then you wouldnt really see and awful lot of difference. But everyday data use you defo will
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    F3 without a doubt, they are in the top 5 hard drives!

    SAMSUNG HD502HJ 885
    SAMSUNG HD103SJ…tml

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