Samsung HDTV

    Hey bit of an update from an earlier post - for some reason i can't post again on the thread but nvm. After re-decorating my room, I've decided a 32" LCD HDTV is more than enough so with that in mind,…_hd

    is looking good. I just wanted to see if anyone knew anywhere cheaper i could find this particular TV - bearing in mind that i'm gonna purchase it on credit. It has a Game Mode and 2 HDMI Connections for when i get my 360 HD Player so its perfect

    Sorry to keep editing - Also any advice on the cheapest "Home Cinema System" would be appreciated; the cheapest on 247 Electrical was…tnd

    at £74.48. I don't want to spend alot i just want a semi decent sound as by the looks of the reviews on the TV the sound quality is below par.

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