Samsung i7500 Android phone release?

    Does anyone know when this phone is due to be released?

    I have seen talk of June, but were already in June and I can't see any sign of a proper release date.

    Also does anyone know which networks will have this hand set?


    I have also been waiting for what seems like an age for this phone. Didn't go for the G1 as figured the 3-4 down the line would be much better. Although I will miss the keyboard of the G1.

    There is already talk of the next couple of Samsung Android phones being released in September and given I've waited this long I am considering holding off for them. We'll see.

    Anyway to answer your question, no I don't know when it will be released but all internet rumours point to O2 being the carrier - which is fine by me as I'm there already.

    If anyone knows/finds out anything else let us know.

    I did just find this:…es/

    No idea about the company but seems to be an indication there is stock in the country. so maybe just waiting for O2 to fet their finger out.

    Then again it could be nothing. though i'd post it anyway.

    Apparently it's coming mid-July on O2. An employee (apparently!) posted this on the O2 forums yesterday -…410

    Which is a bit rubbish really as I was hoping for a June release! :x

    Original Poster

    Thanks all, rep added.

    I'm annoyed myself, I was hoping for a June release before I go on hol. Looks like i'll have to wait until I'm back to upgrade.

    I've been hunting for news about the i7500 for ages now.

    Can't believe it's still not out yet, or at least a solid, concrete, DATE!

    Hoping it's not going to be exclusive to o2 tbh. I don't like the look of any of their tariff's. I'm currently with T-mobile, and get a friends and family discount for life, so don't REALLY want to leave them. But I'm getting annoyed at the lack of new phones. No wonder they're struggling!

    I did read that Orange are more likely to get an exclusive deal on the i7500 as they're the only one without a high end touchscreen smart phone. Would O2 really want to get an exclusive on something that's in direct competition with the iPhone 3GS? In Germany the iPhone is with T-mobile, so it's no wonder O2 Germany are getting the i7500.

    Either way, I WANT ONE! If it's exclusive to O2 I'll get one sim-free and stay with T-mobile.

    Phone is now called the Samsung Galaxy, I was on phone to O2 @ the CPW yesterday, trying to find out release date. Guy told me no release date, but Orange will be the first carrier of the phone.

    Def gonna get this once its released. phonje is uber sexy

    can the os be upgraded? wouldn't the omnia 2 be better?
    i am in need of a phone to get off line or a decent contract deal.. definately going to wait for the new samsungs to come out.

    Spoke to o2 today, they told me its being release the end of this month. No exact date though. If it gets delayed again will be going for the hero.
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