Samsung i8910 Omnia HD on which Network?

    I have seen lots of advertising for the Omnia HD on Orange, will it be coming to any other networks?

    I'm not a fan of Orange, where I live the reception is very poor, I would prefer to stay wth my current provider O2.


    My HD should be coming in the next 40 minutes!


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    My HD should be coming in the next 40 minutes!Yay

    Jealous! I'm interested to see how this comapres to the Sony Ericsson Idou and the Nokia N97 ( Although I'm put off this by the resisitive screen and chunkness due to the slide out keyoboard, but the social network intergration feature has really caught my eye)

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    the porter;5267527

    it will be sim free on the 25th of this month so will be on o2 then

    Will it be stocked by O2 themselves? Or just the usual phones4u, carphone warehouse etc.

    still wating, paid for before12pm delivery! miffed i tell ya!

    a firmware upgrade will fix all that.

    at the mo, this phone is the best avilable.

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    I though the poor sound quality was on early review units, are there any reviews out of the proper retail version?

    I wouldn't be to suprised though, so many phones are released with buggy software. The battery life on my release Nokia N95 was shocking untill they released an update.

    Please post your opinions on here when you have it.

    Erm just got it. It's excellent! I'm not savvy with the old english literature so my review of the phone would be cack, but it's loud, responsive and very very very excellent.

    I had an Iphone and just sold my Touch HD. The Iphone is obviously the best due to the os and usability, the only letdown is crap camera, no video recording, no mms, no bluetooth although these are all being addressed in a software update (not the crap camera).

    Voice is decent (same as all phones I think) video recording is excellent. I'll upload somethis in a bit.

    Just chucked an avi file (Know.Thy.Enemy.2009.DVDRip.XviD-MoH) on it and worked straight away!

    the porter;5267527

    it will be sim free on the 25th of this month so will be on o2 … it will be sim free on the 25th of this month so will be on o2 thenevidently sim free has been put back to the 25th june(:

    This phone will not be available on an o2 contract at any point.

    Noprobs mate.


    Noprobs mate.

    got the phone today too - what do you think?

    i love it so far!

    unlocked the phone. got the code from

    now using my o2 sim. got the settings from the samsung site.

    nahh 13.99

    happy days!


    nahh 13.99happy days!

    People are saying the HD video recording is great with this phone but the audio from it is terrible, is that true?

    as i've got the settings from samsung mobile site it's allowing me to add more widgets!

    so far it only seems that there's a google search widget.

    What is the texting and typing like?

    Improvement over the iphone?

    N97 might swing it for me just for the keyboard.
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