Samsung KS9000 Not Playing 4K Through Xbox One S

Found 7th Dec 2016
Have followed all the guides and made sure all the settings are correct.

When I got to 4K TV Details in Xbox I have green ticks across the board. Everything is set up properly... But I put a 4K/UHD disc in and the TV still says HD/1080p in the corner.

Anyone know what I'm missing or what settings I need to adjust on the TV?

NETFLIX 4K runs perfectly.
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Have you turned all the 4K options on the Xbox one s on? Don't have your tv so couldn't offer help with that
Yes, all options ticked and when you do the test, it's got green ticks (on the Xbox Settings) confirming I should be playing/watching everything in 4K now.
I've just gone back to 4K details (since putting the disc in) and now the Watching/Playing options are not ticked and instead yellow 'i's?!
I don't have the same tv but On my LG, I had to select the right viewing option (games mode or whatever) then tweak inside that preset to enable HDR etc.

I'm guessing netflix 4K is built into your tv?
Are you using a suitable HDMI cable? Are all of your HDMI ports on the TV 4K compatible? Are you plugging the Xbox One S directly into the TV?
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have you got a high speed Hdmi cable
Have you enabled hdmi uhd color on the TV expert settings
Haven't received my 4k tv yet. But aren't there different HDMI inputs now on some tvs ..Try a different slot?
Porter, yes, I had switched them back off (hence why I went back to yellow) but switched back on and now we're all green ticks again.

The hdmi doesn't plug into the TV, it has a Mini Connect box... There's no option to plug directly into the TV.

I have 4 ports on the Connect box, it states in the Samsung manual they are all 2.2 but one is called ARC, one is PCI, one is black and the last one is STB.

I'm plugged into ARC but tried STB too.
The help guide on Xbox says you have to use the cable that came with the XBOX... Which I am using.
Can't believe how expensive the KS9000 TV is mate and you're not easily able to just plug your hdmi into your xbox one S + TV and just be ready to watch/play there and then, not on for how much these TV's cost, so much fiddling about and troubleshooting! oO
are both hdmi cables, link boxes?, high speed capable? i had the same issue last week the xbox cable was good but link and other cable unable to function at highspeed data rate..detected by tv and refused to run at higher settings worked on 1080 though... changed other cable and now ok.. bizarrely the pound shops ones are high speed!
ask Samsung are there issues with the link box/cable delivering high-speed data? you do not show cable from link box to TV.. is this ribbon cable unique to Samsung??
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