Samsung LCD and Freeview + problem

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Found 29th Dec 2010
Afternoon all

Just hoping someone can solve an issue I'm having with a Samsung le40a436t model. My mum has been out and bought a Freeview+ box and installed it herself before she gave me a call to go round and have a look at the screen. It had a dark tint over it and I've spent over 2 hours messing with the menu settings trying to get the picture quality the same as the Freeview she gets direct from the aerial.

From looking at the screen it seems that the tint is over the menu screen (if that makes sense?). What I'm trying to say is that when it's on the D-TV setting the menu bars and options are in blue, however when it's set to the Ext1 & Ext2 (through the scart lead) where the Freeview box is set up, the menu and option bars are a darker purple colour, which is where I think the issue is coming from, making the picture darker and off colour.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've been through the menu looking at different ways but to no avail.



dodgy scart lead or connection ???? is it not hdmi ????

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Cheers for the reply. Not the scart as I've tried 3 different leads and used different ports, and it's a standard freeview+ box, not HDMI.

Appreciate the reply.
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