Samsung LCD monitor stand fitting tips.

    If anyone has bought themselves a nice shiny new Samsung monitor, the air in your house must be turning blue with oaths and screams! Samsung are usually quite good with their instructions, but, on this occasion, they hired a drunken monkey with Guinness bottle bottom glasses to draw a diagram.

    The stand consists of a dinner p[ate base into which screws an upright ubject with an oval shaped thingmebob with two little plastic "teeth".

    These are supposed to be inserted into an opening with two litttle receptors. "Ahah!", you think to yourself smugly, "This is going to be a walk in the park!".


    The opening appears to be too small, and, no matter what you do, it just won't go in! Add to this the fact that you are trying to balance a brand new (and easily scratched) monitor on top of this darn oval thing, and you have a recipe for a mental breakdown.

    To save other HUKDers the stress and strain I went through, I have posted a useful link at the end of this post. Why Samsung didn't just go through the process in the same manner as the thread I post below - one can only wonder.

    I really hope this proves useful to some other person who has purchased the same monitor. If I have posted it in the wrong section would some Mod please shift it to the correct one? Thank you.…tml

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    I had the same problem, but found out you have to twist the metal thing at the bottom, otherwise it falls over. Why they don't pack it so that it just pops on I just don't know. I think it is because the metal thingy has to be folded down to fit into the pack. If you get the tilt wrong it falls off. once it's up it's fine. Nice monitor though, I think better than my DGM equivalent. As for the brightness you have to turn the thing down on the Samsung, otherwise it like staring at the sun. Perhaps that will give it longer life for the back-lighting.
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