Samsung LCD Television LE32R88BD

    Hi guys

    Just looking for a bit of advice. Looking to buy a 32" lcd television and had my heart set on the Samsung. Went into Curry's today just to have a final look and they were showing football. I was amazed how bad the ghosting was. Everytime the screen moved the image was blurred and it has put me right off. Was just wondering if anyone has one of these tele's and if so if thats normal for these teles. I've looked on the net and cant find much on it, some people say its bad and others don't.

    If it is, any recommendations on which tele to get with a budget of £400-£500.



    Bought a 37" from Evesham Technology, will only ever buy from them again, they are brilliant tv is exceptional and they ocasionally do specials which are cheaper than anywhere elsesing up for their newletter and they will send you their specials

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    hi fuzzymuzzy
    i have said samsung TV
    and have no problems with ghosting at all they might just not have done the setup on the display model properly
    the picture we get is fantastic and i would highly recommend the tv..... occasionallythere is a slight lag between channel changes but nothing major probably me just changing to fast
    hope this helps mate

    IMO LCDs do not cope well with fast action like football, even the better ones. I have a Panasonic LXD70 which is supposed to be one of the best at handling motion but the football is only okayish though this may be the aerial connection.

    TVs in showrooms will vary tremendously as some have dedicated high def links whilst about 20 others might be sharing an aerial connection. If you're not sure, order a tv from somewhere that will accept returns if you are not happy.

    For the budget you have, the Toshiba 32c3035d and Panasonic LMD70 are worth considering (as well as the Samsung). I don't think there is much to choose between the three of them.

    Tosh is currently available for £399 from PC World…065

    You can get the next Samsung model up, the 32M87bdx for £509 from Dixons using codes - this has a motion blur reduction feature (or £440 for the R88).

    Original Poster

    Hi guys
    Thanks for that, thought it may have been in the wrong section!! Will have a look at Evesham, thought they only did computers!! The Toshiba looks nice. But I think if the Samsung is going to be ok, will go for that one. Think it looks great, and some good prices around.

    Will keep an eye out for more deals!

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