Samsung LCD TV 1080p 40"50

    Hi guys, i am sory tohave to ost but my had is in a right mess after spending half a day reading reviews etc...and am no closer to a decision.

    I have just sold my 40" samsung lcd tv which supports 1080i and am npw looking to upgrade to a 1080p model with 3xhdmi. I will be watching a lot of hd films on my xbox 360 hd-dvd so the 1080p should hopefully look better.

    I definitely want lcd as my living room can get quite bright in the day but the stand i already have supports up to 50" so i can go up a few inches. get on with it, i need advice through reviews and price comparison on which samsung 1080p lcd tv to get between 40" and 50", a short sweet comparison on price and reviews between models (didnt know samsung had such a large range) would save me a lot of stress.

    I haven't been able to find many good discount codes as i did when i bought the 40" does anyone know of any, i think i saved over £400 in total on shop price at the time, got it for £850.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, the mrs will have to stick to watching on a 15" until i get one sorted lol


    Danny =)


    look bud..the best place to get advice on which TV to buy is…php

    you'll be surrounded by TV geeks willing to help

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    thanks, decided on either the 46" or 52" 1080p ones, depends on how good a deal i can get though. does anyone knwo of any useful voucher codes for currys/dixons/comet/pc world, apart from the obvious free delivery etc, looking for money off.
    thanks in advance
    Danny =)

    u got any links m8?
    im after something similar

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    Here is the link for the 52" version i would like, but a nice big discount code would help:…633

    £1773.36 with the promotional code "YAW791" (5% off).

    Is that Cyrus Grissom in your avatar dude ?


    Is that Cyrus Grissom in your avatar dude ?

    It's Jayne from Firefly (played by Adam Baldwin).

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    Hi, i am still desperate to get the 52" lcd but cannot find a single bargain code, i really want this telly asap but £1800 is a little too much, i was hoping for more around £1500, maybe i am over hopeful as last time i bought one i got around £400 off a 40" samsung thanks to codes off this site.
    Can anyone help please, the portable is driving me mad now! lol

    have a look at the Sharp LC52XD1E, the XD1E range is one of the best on the market for specs and price, trust me i used t work for sharp and toshiba and this was certainly the best 1080p out…arp

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    thanks, been looking at the specs and can't see anything to seperate them apart from the sharp being cheaper but having one less hdmi slot, thye both have the same resolution. thanks for your input, i think it may come down to how cheap i can get each really....
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