samsung LE26A457 reviews or comments needed!!!!

    hi iv looked pretty much everywhere (av forums,ciao,cnet etc) for a review on this lcd tv and cant find anything from other buyers/users.
    can anyone help me out or do they own one and would like to comment?

    thanks in advance


    I own a LE32A457 and thinkit's a wonderful set - the built in freeview tuner is easy to use and it has all the connections required to connect up various devices (3 scarts & 3 HDMI).

    I can only comment on standard definition picture though as I do not have any HD devices yet, but do have it connected to an upscaling DVD plkayer and think the picture is awesome.

    I would highly recommend this set.

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    thanks mate

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    bump 1 anybody else???

    I bought a Samsung LE26A457 from John Lewis on Sunday. Returned it today - had to pay a 10% restocking fee. John Lewis said there was nothing wrong with it.

    The horizontal and vertical vewing angles are about 20 degrees. Good picture if you are sitting in front of it like a computer monitor, but stand up and the image fades. Walk a few feet to one side and the picture looks washed out.

    I lost £39.99, but the Sharp LCD that replaced it has a great viewing angle. I could not have lived for the next few years with that Samsung.

    If viewing angles are important to you, don't buy this Samsung. Pity, I have a 40" Samsung which is great.

    i have a samung le46 and find it takes quite long to change channels, around 5 seconds each time and is kind of a nightmare.
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