Samsung LE32R73BD, adice please.

    I have been looking around for a few months for a decent price 32".

    I orginally wanted a half decent set for arond £400, but have nearly convinced myself to go for the samsung LE32R73BD which i get for around £536 after discounts and cashback.

    I need some advice, is this the best price out there, will prices drop more soon, would you recommend a cheaper tv instead?

    Im not too bothered about picture quality as long as its not awful, but would like freeview and good conectivity.



    Lol, I will see what I can dig up, but your spending over half a grand on a tv and you rnot too bothered about picture quality?

    This should be your first priority.

    From what I can see I think I will struggle to beat that price, great price for that tv.


    Nah, your not going to beat that price mate, go for it.

    If your not too fussed and want to spend £400 or so you can get cheaper makes that are HD ready but we really don't know what they are like both in terms of build and picture quality. Samsung are good quality, I have installed this model myself and although I prefer the Panasonic (more expensive though) this would be my second choice.

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    Which is better:

    Toshiba 32WLT66 or Samsung LE32R73BD?

    the Toshiba

    hi, i am looking to buy this exact samsung set, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me how i would be able to get it for this price, including any dicount codes and cashback. Thanks, Andrew.
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