SAMSUNG LE32R73BD problems

Found 6th Dec 2006
I got my new Samsung LCD tv and the picture does not seem all that great , its has like a crayon effect ...picture is not up to the quailty of my CRT i dont think what am i actually paying for??? just to have a slim line tv?

I tried HD and to me i cant see nothing special about it and still has like a crayon effect , is this suppose to be normal on all LCD tvs??

I can also sometimes see little blocks of squares

As i had an LG one before this and had to send that back cause i didnt like it as had same problem ...will this go in time?
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I have the 26inch version which I got for £461 a month ago...its a great value set but there are a few things that you may need to take into account:

I'm guessing Andy that your viewing Standard Definition (SD) broadcasts through it (i.e. normal terrestrial aerial broadcasts for example). I have just the basic 4 channels myself through a normal aerial and the quality is very poor. The SD transmissions use a smaller number of pixels and the Samsung has to 'blow up' this image to fill the screen this makes the noise even worse. On another note I can't even get digital TV yet either.

I get round this by watching the TV channels through my PC (PCI card) and resizing the window. Also I boost the signal by watching them through my Sony VHS player on composite. Its a good comprimise.

I'm not sure how good normal SKY TV is and I'm guessing its ok and watchable. There is a very long decent thread here all about the R73/R74 range...when setup correctly its a great display…176

The factory settings of the Samsung are hideous. The sharpness, contrast and dynamic setting are set way too high and just ruins the picture. I have mine at a more conservative setting (depending on input) saving on medium, brightness 75 etc etc

I would only recommend buying an HDTV Ready TV now if you have an Xbox360 and also want a display 'that does it all' - PC input, Xbox 360, DVD Player, VHS Player and PS2 (poor quality on most SD sources) all plugged into one set. I bought mine for all this and get rid of those bulky CRTs
This is how LCD screens are, it's because of the low quality broadcasts. Watch Friends on it, you will cry, as American programmes, especially friends are sent out at an extremely low bitrate.

You get used to it though and it becomes normal.

As for what you bought it for. Stick an Xbox 360 with HD lead on it. You'll be blown away.
I know what you mean about the picture. We bought a Phillips 42" LCD - our intention to watch the World Cup. Having paid just under £1100 we couldn't wait to get it out of the box and start viewing. Having connected it up to our Sky box we were really disappointed - the picture quality was really poor in comparison to our CRT and it was even worse when watching the footy!! (blurring when they were passing the ball etc). In the end we couldn't justify spending so much on an item that was far less inferior to the CRT. Needless to say it was returned.

What we found is that it is misleading when you go into Currys, Comet etc. The TV's are not connected to an aerial instead they play a DVD which offers a far superior picture.

It's put us off buying one for a while...
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