Samsung LE32R88BD lcd

    My hubby dragged me into a currys digital whilst we were out shopping as we want a 32" lcd with freeview.We were looking at a philips one we'd seen but got shown the samsung one which in their store is £649.99 but he said he'd price match to the internet price and give it us for £500.Is this tv any good for £500? is there anywhere i can get it cheaper and is it wall mountable? Thanks!! :thumbsup:


    Dixons have it for about £487 if you use the 2.5% discount code: DISC01. If you have an egg card you might be able to get another 5% off that.

    Cheapest I could spot it for, but others might find cheaper.

    Link to the product on Dixons: ]Samsung LCD

    It should be wall mountable but you will need to buy the mount seperately I think. Personally I think the Samsungs are good products but it's a matter of personal preference in the end.

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    Thanks! Think ill go for the samsung then.Was going to spend upto £400 and didnt mind what make it was but after seeing the quality of the samsung have decided to spend an extra £100 for a decent tv.

    use quidco as well

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    Thanks but thats the 87BDX model,im after the 88BDX one!

    If you want peace of mind with a 5 year guarantee, you might like to try and get the LE32R87BDX from John Lewis instead by phoning up your local branch of John Lewis and asking for their Under Sales dept. They strangely say that they don't pricematch with internet based retailers but when you mention EmpireDirect with them they will confirm thast they do. Anyhow, I got this model from John Lewis today for £544.99 (pricematched with EmpireDirect £529.99 + £15 delivery charge)...John Lewis's 'Never knowingly undersold policy' is fantastic!

    Reading other threads on HUKD, there is no fundamental difference between the Samsung R86/R87/R88 save that the R88 was produced specifically for the Curry's chain....there are slight cosmetic differences i.e. the on/off button is on the right hand side of the TV (R88) as opposed to under the Samsung badge on the front of the TV (R86/87).…spx…htm

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    Thanks but currys offered me the 88BD model for £500 and free delivery instead of it being £649 instore.I was really looking to spend under £500 on this tv by using a code or buying it cheaper off the net.I know what you mean about the two models,theres not much difference! Hope you enjoy your new tv,hopefully ill be buying mine soon!!


    I got the 88BD model for £442 delivered.…543

    I think it is £450 on the site I price matched now, but an easy way to save yourself £50 without using quidco etc

    Hope this helps

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    How do you pricematch with dixons when the model is different? I want the 88BD but on the beyond televisions website its the 87 model.Will they still pricematch? Thanks

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    Sorry i also forgot to add on the beyond televisions website its £25 delivery charge but dixons deliver for free,will they still pricematch?

    Hi baby_purple84

    You can only price match with Dixon's over the phone (details on the home page).

    When I called them I quoted the Samsung website saying that the 87 & 88 models are the same TV it is just the 88 is a Dixons/Currys only model number. They seemed to know that and agreed.

    That postage of £25 states Saturday* (which I pointed out). To see the in week delivery charge you have to register - which the person price matching won't do.

    I think the common opinion is, if the person who answers won't do it, ring back until you find one who will. I know of at least 4 people on the forum who have got theirs doing this so far :-)

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks ill try doing this and hopefully get my tv soon!!
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