SAMSUNG LE32R88BD or similair

Found 9th Jan 2008
I was going to buy this from Currys online, but they have put the price up from 499 to 549 over night.

Where is the cheapest place I can buy this model from?


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Here at TheLink (like Currys, is also owned by DSGi) thelink.co.uk/hi-…tml

It's £459 including next day delivery, and put this code in at the shopping basket to get an extra fiver off '32SAMR88'

Good choice on the screen BTW :thumbsup:
or this one at Dixons


Not sure what the difference is in model numbers?

Priced at £439
The model you were after at currys appears to be reduced now to £459.99

See link


Ignore - sorrys thats the 26*

or this one at Dixons … or this one at Dixons http://www.dixons.co.uk/martprd/store/dix_page.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0070510824.1199914694@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdkaddmmljigmlcflgceggdhhmdgmi.0&page=Product&fm=undefined&sm=undefined&tm=undefined&sku=991891&category_oid=-21226Not sure what the difference is in model numbers?Priced at £439

Cool, didnt spot that one, basically the same TV's accept the '88' has the built in Freeview Tuner and the '83' doesn't.
Thanks alot for the replys guys.

I'd like the one from TheLink, but its currently out of stock.

I'd like the freeview cos I'm taking it to Uni in september and that would come in good use.

Any ideas when itll be back in stock?
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I think it would be risky to wait for stock to come in at The Link, if I were you I would order it from Dixons, delivery time has gone down to "within 7 days" now I think.

Because I work at PC World (part of DSG that owns us and the link) and we sell this model (but for £549 :x) I had the opportunity to check the 'hubs' which contain all the stock available to go out to the stores and really there isn't many left so I reckon the supply left across the chain is probably quite low, thus it may be that The Link wont get any more.


Use 'Jan10' at the basket to get a tenner off and it only works out a fiver more than the price at The Link. Total should be £459
nice one mate

gonna order it right now
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