Samsung LE40R73BD + the 40N difference?

    Can someone tell me what is the difference between the Samsung LE40R73BD LCD TV and the Samsung LE40N73BD

    would like to order the 40N through Curry's but it's not in stock (want maximum discounts!) However the 40R is in stock

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks


    I think this has been asked before, the difference is an inbuilt digital freeview reciever.

    I'm pretty sure the 'N' is the newer model. Both have freeview built in but the 'N' has twin HDMI sockets and is generally just a little bit better (I think). Saying that, I have the 26" version of the 'R' model and I think its excellent, would definately recommend!

    EDIT: just has a quick look at specs and yes, the 'N' also has a better contrast ratio (6000:1) and has some extra card slot which i assume allows you to browse photos on your screen directly.

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    many thanks for your responses - explains why it's quite a bit more expensive too
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