Samsung LN-T4069 Wanted

    I am currently looking to buy a Samsung LNT4069 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV but I cant seem to find this product anywhere in the UK. Please can you provide me with some advice on how to get hold of this product and where about in the UK will I be likely to purchase it from?

    I have searched the internet and can only find this product available in America for around $1700 (£870) but i have been told in the uk it would cost around £1500-1600. Why is there such a big margin and can i buy a tv from the US and import to the Uk? If so what are the set up complications? Also the overall the cost of the product in the US + international courier + import costs, is there really any point in buying from the US because once you add all the costs together you may aswell have brought the TV from the UK. (Thats if its avaliable)


    Hi, I am not sure why the big margin, but if I were you I would wait and not buy from the us. The reason for that is that it will cost to import it, you will have to pay import duty. Also if you have any problems how would you return?There might be no warranty on the product.... So it's true that you would save but including expenses it's still going to cost over £1000, so it's too risky....I am not sure where you can get this tv here in the Uk, but try getting in touch with samsung directly. They will be able to tell you if tv is coming to the uk etc...Good luck

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    Thank you very much for your reply =]
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