Found 26th Apr 2011
Anyone used Samsung for mobile repairs.

Thinking of sending my Galaxy S for repair under warranty as it keeps freezing.Tried ringing up and offices are closed already.

Just wondering ,how many days do repairs take ?

Also what are samsung like with repairs will they tell me to go to a service center to try and get it fixed or will they want me to send it off to them.

Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks


What network you on? How long into contract?

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What network you on? How long into contract?

T-mobile about 4-5months

Have you tried updating the s/w


If you've got a proof of purchase and a carphone warehouse repair centre nearby take it there,dependant on repair needed you could have it back same day

express repair

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spit roast

Have you tried updating the s/wspitroast

It's on 2.2 at the moment .Going to send it in to a samsung repair center and see if they can fix it.

Thanks for all the help.

factory reset?
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