Found 1st Feb 2009

where is the cheapest place to buy i missed out on the dixons deal becuase i wasn't paid in time doh!!!!

thanks in advance

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I have a brand new one in unopened box for sale. I bought it this week, but I could use the money for something else. It is the blue one. Search the web and let me know the cheapest you find delivered inc. vat, and I will sell you mine for £5 less delivered. How does that sound? I will be listing it on ebay as of tomorrow, so please let me know,thanks.

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sorry mate for the sake of a fiver i would just buy from a shop - i'm looking to buy two anyway so just trying to save a little cash

cheers for the offer all the same


I would be willing to do for £10 less. Comes boxed with 1 yr guarantee also. It is 3 days old...The temptation to open it and play with it is strong! But I need the money for something else unfortunately...Maybe you could post in here the best price you find. That way I'll list for £10 less or best offer. Thanks :thumbsup:

have a look ]here and maybe start a new thread. loads of helpful people on that forum

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thanks for the advice
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