Samsung NC10: Can you play it through TV?


    I've a samsung nc10 netbook and have a good selection of films on it. I was wondering if it is possible to use the monitor out port and link the cable to my Samsung TV via its monitor port?

    I've quickly tried and have not got anything on the TV screen when both are hooked up.

    Is there anything i need to do on this, or would be capability of the netbook not be high enough to be able to do this?

    Any help if welcome.



    Yes you can use the vga (monitor) port on your nc10 and the same port on your lcd, you will need to go to display settings in control panel (on your nc10) and configure it for multiple screens..

    You also need to switch the monitor output mode. This is usually done by pressin the Fn button and one of the Fnumbered keys. I've not got an NC10, but that's what I have to do on my Advent and Acer laptops.

    Original Poster

    Assuming the monitor output bit will be the FN key along with F4

    Cant find anything though in the contor panel for switching the output configurations though,

    Original Poster

    right... update.

    It was definately using the FN key along with F4 and to go to the mixed section.

    I have an imagine on my TV now. Although all it is is the background picture. I cant get anything else up. I can change the background picture and it changes on my TV, but alli see it that

    If i start a film on the netbook, nothing comes up on the TV other than this background pic.

    Any advise on where to go next pls?

    I think you have to restart your laptop.
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