Samsung NC10 ..i need a replacement screen

    My son has broke his screen ,all his school coursework is on it so we need a new screen ,could anyone point me in the right place ,and would it be a relatively easy job to do


    where do you live?

    i mean i see the liverpool but doesnt always follow lol

    ahh i see plymouth..we have an area in manchester warehouses etc where seemingly anything can be fixed..maybe you have similar?
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    try e-bay ive bought a few lcds replacements and fitted no probs if you google nc10 screen fitting im sure something should show up

    In the meantime, I suggest you hook it up to a PC monitor or a TV using a VGA lead, at least he will still be able to work away and copy it onto a USB or something to move elsewhere.

    Had this problem last week, got a screen from ebay for £65 & had it fitted for £30. I was advised that it is easy to do yourself if you google but I couldn't get the screen surround off to do it myself

    50 quid on ebay- cheap as chips

    Original Poster

    cheers guys ,thanks for help

    theres a touch screen install video that lets you see how the nc10 comes apart found it by typing nc10 lcd fitting into google was on first page
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