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Found 18th Feb 2009
Hi all
To anyone who has a NC10...I have a C905 mobile on Orange with "free" data after 7pm-7am. I called them up today, and was talked through instructions on setting up my phone and NC10 for connecting to the internet using the phone. Job done in 10 minutes! Forum info was a bit blah, and the guy who helped me sorted me out in no time. Now free to access the internet everywhere after 7PM using the phone
Might be useful if you have got a quite recent mobile, and want to use your NC10 away from your wi-fi connection.

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most contracts specifically state you aren't allowed to use a phone's data connection to act as a modem

tread carefully in case you get a whopper of a bill

not knocking what you've said - wish o2 allowed it!!

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Yes, I had heard that. I specifically told him what it was for, and he gave me instructions for both devices (phone and NC10) but good point. He did say to check what I was allowed data wise, as I think it is a "fair usuage" policy, and if I go downloading films, will probably go over it! But I will check tomorrow to make sure...
Will defo be handy for checking,sending emails and browsing, if you don't want to use your phone.
I should point out that this is on Orange, so can't confirm on other providers. Might be worth giving them a phone if you are with someone else :thumbsup:

Yeah, speaking as someone who works for one of the major networks, I would tread VERY VERY carefully. Mobile's have been capable of doing this for years and years now, but it's only recently that some companies such as Three have started to allow it with additional add on costs.

From what I understand of it, O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile don't allow it, but Orange an T-Mobile might make exceptions with additional costs.

Plus, Orange currently have one of the lowest customer service records in the industry, their not known for getting much right, so you're best of ringing up a few times to verify it with a few others.
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