samsung nc10 or acer aspire one?!

Found 18th Jan 2009
i have a dilemma, i have a choice to get the nc10 for '£225 from a mate or the acer for £150, which one shall i go for?!

im going to be using it for surfing, downloading, watching videos and music, please someone help me.
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Go for Aspire One based on your needs and save yourself £75!
thanks well il see what others say
The current Asda deal makes the Acer the best value around

The Samsung has its own advantages such as battery time is double easy to upgrade from 1gb to 2gb mem (and cheap)
Bigger screen but double the price ohh yer Acer is Linux Samsung is xp
for 225 i would go for the samsung

for 225 i would go for the samsung

I agree. You'll soon sadden with the acer battery life and will feel compelled to buy a longer life battery. For me - that's the clear advantage of a netbook. I dont use my NC10 at home or anywhere near a power supply.
Why not spend the cash you will eventually spend on a long life battery for the acer now and get the NC10. I have one - it is simply awesme ! Just look out for the blotches ! I had them - samsung uplifted, repaired and returned [COLOR="Blue"]within[/COLOR] 3 days - REALLY !

Oh - and the NC10 screen is a bit bigger. Both machines look awesome & Acer represents excellent value for money.

If it's only for home use - get a reasonable laptop. Nettys only really for on the go.

I love me NC10.
I'd say the NC10 without a doubt .. having had a few different netbooks to play with this is the best all round so far .. Keyboard .. screen battery .. etc etc ..
I got an AA1 last night from Asda and after playing with it I'm going to return it today and get a NC10 instead.
I would definately recommend the nc10. Size, weight,battery life and performance are brilliant.:thumbsup:
hmmm, think i may go for the nc10!

hmmm, think i may go for the nc10!

Good choice mate :thumbsup:

hmmm, think i may go for the nc10!

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