Samsung NC10 or Asus Eeepc 1005ha

    Been looking at these two netbooks. Spec wise they're pretty much the same, however on amazon the NC10 is about £25 more.

    I was just wondering which would you recommend, and does anybody know the cheapest place (excluding ebay) to get it from.



    the N110 is the later/updated version of the Nc10, and looks to be one of the best netbooks in rpoduction at the moment, so if the price is that much more where you find then i reccomend that, the n110 is £330 in pcworld, and £314+£5deliv. at pixmania

    oh and the n110 has a better batteyr which, lasts 9hrs compared the nc10's 3-4hr battery, and has a better track pad

    My son gets 6 easily out of his NC10 - and can be around eight with the screen dimmed a bit!!

    you sure he doesnt have one of those special edition nc10s tho?

    nope - regular one purchased just before Christmas from Dixons of all people but best deal I could find at the time

    8hrs is like impossible even on a dimmed screen, espeically with wireless on with a 3 or even 4 cell battery :\

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    both the nc10 and the eeepc 1000ha have 6 cell batteries. but the n110 is a bit too expensive for me.
    They both have great reviews, but it seems a lot more people have the nc10. is it worth £25 more. they seem basically the same to me

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    i believe the acer u mention is a 8.9" linux version. i am looking for a 10" with xp and a 7 hour battery, if possible

    NC10 or N110 are the best options imho, N110 was reduced to £330 in pcworld only a few days ago
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