Samsung NC10 or equivalent with a sim card facility

    I really like the look of the Samsung NC10 with its very long battery life etc, but really want a netbook that will take a sim card rather than a dongle. Any ideas, or is this option available as an add on for the NC10?
    Many Thanks


    Samsung NC10 HSDPA due in few weeks…tml

    Bit pricey though.

    If your hoping to use an actual mobile PHONE sim card as a 3g modem id think again as the networks can tell who is trying to do this, its in the terms and conditions of contracts that you cannot do this, in addition "unlimited" mobile internet bolt on's always have download limits and pretty hefty usage charges so they will get you one way or the other........

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    Thanks. I have a 3 dongle contract that I presume I can take the sim from, and just want to have a smaller lighter laptop without all the accessories. Look forward to the HSDPA. Many thanks.

    N.B. While I know how to add heat, how do I add 'Rep' as I have seen mentioned.

    The Dell Mini 9 is available from Dell for about £250 (linux) or £280 (xp) and you could upgrade the battery for about £50 (giving about 8 hrs battery life).

    Or there is the Advent 4213 at about £280 (on XP) and again a 9 cell battery is about £50 upgrade.

    Both have sim card slots for mobile broadband although the net gen models for alot of the netbooks are du out in the next month or so, many of which will include mobile broadband (at least the new Acer Aspire One will)

    (for rep. click on the scales at the side of the post you want to rep)

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    Many thanks for the comprehensive advice. Now to make a decision. :thumbsup:

    I'm also in the market for a nice battery netbook with the ability to take sim cards. I think I'd wait for the new batch though, or at least wait until they reduce price of the old ones.
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