Samsung NC10 Partition Help

    Hello all,

    So the girlfriend is taking my old NC10 as her laptop has finally given up the go.

    So i was attempting to restore it, and created a restore point using the Samsung recovery (done first time it was switched on) so basically i wanted to do a full recovery to ensure everything was removed (dont want her finding out about the porn and what not haha)

    Anyway, i went to carry it out and selected the recovery partitiion etc and as it went to restore it came up with a message saying something like

    "unable to select item" something like that... i can double check when i get home anyway.

    So i evebntually restarted it thinking oh well it's not the end of the world, but now it wont boot up and it loads a dos screen saying something like cannot load bootmgr press ctrl + alt+ del... then it goes around in circles...

    Any ideas?


    Press F4 at boot and follow onscreen directions.

    enable D2D recovery option from bios (if present)

    Original Poster


    enable D2D recovery option from bios (if present)

    Thanks for the input, i hit f4 and that brings up the recovery page again, i can see the partition on my hard drive but it wont access it :x

    I will have to have a look again tonight and do an update
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