Found 13th May 2010
I'm thinking of upgrading my netbooks ram up to 2GB, is it just a case of buying it at a store and fitting it or will I need to do anything to the software on the computer?

Also, will it make much difference in its efficiency? It's just because I will be going to uni so want it to be running as fast as it can.




just plug it in and netbook will do the rest
it will give a small increase in perfomance

yup as stated above just buy it and bang it in, then your netbook should reconizge it when you start it up.

]http//ww…/uk this is a very good site to find and buy ram.

remember to also disable as much start up programs as you can (you only need your anti virus)

defrag, clear tempory files (run - %temp% - delete)

the other option is just to increase your virtual memory (page file) which basically uses your hard drive in part with your ram. Or you can use the "readyboost" option with your usb stick.

good luck!

I know it was a while ago but I'll post what I've found: "...for anyone interested Sammy Netbook Forum states this: "The Samsung NC10 supports DDR2 SODIMM 667mhz Ram. It should be noted that 800mhz Ram will work but it is not recommended by Samsung and will actually be under clocked down to 667mhz anyway due to the hardware specification"

The Corsair Value Select 2GB 667MHz DDR2 VS2GSDS667D2 is another option. (One website said they preferred Corsair over Kingston, and that Kingston were, many moons ago, considered a to be a "cheap/inferior" manufacturer, though I haven't been a computer geek long enough to verify that)."

Best to go for the PC2 6400 sticks rather than the PC2 5300. Try looking on ebay for generic DDR2 sticks!

Just to say, someone on ebay is selling new branded RAM sticks on auction if you know where to look.

I upgraded mine, with no problems - nice & easy & straightforward.

remove old RAM, insert new RAM, switch on:thumbsup:
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