Samsung netbook problemo!

    Had the Sammy NC10 for about 10 months now. Love it. But last few days it's decided to make a really funny buzzing sound near the right hand side speaker. Not sure if it is the speaker or something else entirely, as it continues when the sound is muted!
    I will try and post some sort of video of the phenomenon and see if anyone has had a similar problem.
    Any help is very much appreciated.


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    Here is a vid of the laptop going ape. It may not be fully published yet, so please let me know.…f68


    weird could be the fan but not sure what side its on

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    It sort of stops when I put pressure on the area. Have no idea what it could be. Would rather sort it myseflf than have to either send it back or get a replacement. The area can get a bit warm after a bit.
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