Samsung not honouring five year warranty, any help, please?

Posted 17th Jun 2022
Hi all, would really appreciate some advice…

Bought a Samsung American fridge/freezer 4yrs10mnths ago. Freezer suddenly stopped cooling yesterday.

Was so relieved to discover that the appliance was (just about!) still within the five-year warranty/guarantee period so gave Samsung call, expecting a straightforward resolution.

Was told that they cannot see that I registered for the extended guarantee so there is nothing they can do. I have been buying Samsung appliances for the past 15+ years, BECAUSE of the five-year cover. I am well versed about registering our appliances for the guarantee but, lo and behold, seemingly have no proof that I did register for it - nothing in my email or Samsung account.

Provided proof of purchase as they requested but still no joy.

I know from now to always ensure I receive confirmation of any such guarantee, but am wondering if there’s anything I can do to try and get them to cover the repair, please? Anyone had any such experience with them

Thanks in advance xx
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    Samdung quality. The trader that shifted you the product holds the mandatory durability obligations for up to 6 years, unless you live in Scotland.

    Assuming the trader is still trading it's a straightforward (lack of) durability claim against that trader, although the trader may attempt to hopelessly shirk responsibility by requesting you prove the bustedness issue was present on delivery, which is basically to show the "fault" isn't user error or user abuse. As the subject item is a fridgefreezer and is unlikely to have been abused by you permitting it to be chased around your garden by your aggressive pet goldfish, just bang in your Consumer Rights Act Claim. Use the standard Which template to prevent having to write a dreary disinteresting dull story to tell the trader about why it's busted:…ced

    If credit was involved in the purchase you can also approach the credit provider with the same claim, and a credit provider claim would likely be the most efficient route to resolution.
    Thank you very much, I will send them the letter and try track down who my credit agreement was with
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    What retailer did you buy it from?

    How did you pay for it?
    Thank you for replying, I purchased it from Very under a 12 month ‘buy now, pay later’ payment plan
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    They show have sent you an email if you did register it, did you check your inbox thoroughly?

    I'm not sure what you can do if you didn't register as I do believe that is a requirement in their term's and conditions
    I have checked again and again and nothing! I have seen people have posted the t&cs where it does indeed state I must provide the proof of registering extended warranty 😩
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    Turn it off for 24 hours
    90% of problems of freezers that I have looked at is the the frost free fan/channel has a big build up of ice.
    Thanks, after some Googling/YouTubing, we managed to reset the appliance using the control panel and got it working again! *phew* - still peed with Samsung, though
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    Check your instruction manual. The reason I say this is I had a tumble dryer from a different manufacturer who said I hadn't registered my appliance. When I checked the manual it made no reference to the requirement of registration, and as such they had to agree to fix it.
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    Any help yes don’t buy Samsung they are the pits they treat customers like dirt and keep expecting you to pay and pay again
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    You say you registered it yet you have no proof.

    it was also almost 5yrs ago, as most people can’t remember exactly what they did 5 days ago it could easily not have been done and you’re just assuming you did it.

    if this was in court then I’d imagine your lack of proof would mean you’d lose.

    think you’re going to have to suck it up and take the hit and learn from this experience for the next time you register for a warranty - ensure you get proof it is registered
    Yes, I’ve definitely learned the hard way on this occasion :/
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    The other tip, when you do register and receive confirmation via email, print off a copy and keep with the product manual.
    Will definitely be doing this from
    now on!
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    Thank you, but that email did come up with anything. I can see in my Samsung account that our TV is registered on there, but I still don’t have a confirmation email for that extended warranty either - wonder if they both went to spam
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    Any chance you are mistaken and never registered for the 5yr warranty?
    I just can’t see how I could not have registered the warranty :/ As I said, I’ve been buying Samsung products for years and have always registered as soon as I’ve taken delivery.
    Either way, they’re implying that I didn’t register and I can’t prove I did - so I’m wondering if there’s any way I can persuade them to help x
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    This really needs regulated, why is it the consumers responsibility to confirm they want the advertised warranty?…/uk

    Says it all really (edited)
    Not easy to regulate consumers, and it is the consumer's responsibility to conform to the reasonable or even unreasonable terms of the manufacturer extended warranty as that extended warranty is voluntary not mandatory.
    Current Samdung 5yr extnd wrnty terms are clear about the requirement for the consumer to be able to quote content of the wrnty conf email;
    doubt that will have significantly changed in last 5 yrs.
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    If you paid by credit card, you may have cover under section 75, in that it hasn't lasted as long as it should.
    This is quite probably the easiest and best course of action so long as you can prove the credit card purchase. It's a fairly quick phone call. Some credit card merchants will push back but be insistent and warn them of an escalation to the FCA if they fail to honour their obligations.
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    I registered a Samsung washing machine about the same time over 4 years ago and on the site it said I was covered etc , when I went back in to check a few days later i couldn't find any info on my account and no confirmation email.
    I sent several emails to the Samsung customer services email from my account web page and they said the same no joy? I eventually got a reply when I complained to Samsung customer services in the UK somewhere not sure of email address but I'm sure I got it from going on the UK retail site who then chased it up and confirmed I was covered and sent me a warranty email.
    I registered a fridge freezer with Samsung two months ago and received a warranty email straight away and wonder if there was a problem 4 years ago with registrations going wrong?. (edited)
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