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Posted 15th Nov
I’ve always been an iPhone girl but I’m feeling the winds of change - my phone will no longer connect to my car due to the IOS update, it lags awfully (I can hear a phone call about 10 seconds before I can see someone is calling - even sometimes they hang up by the time my phone tells me someone is calling).
I fancied a Huawei but I’m worried about the situation with the Google Play store. Also, I liked the Oneplus but couldn’t find too many places doing contracts on them which seemed to drive the price up.

So I think my decision is the S10+ or Note+ from Samsung. My first question is has anyone got one and are they worth it?

Secondly - anyone who knows what they’re talking about have any predictions for how much I might grab one for in the Black Friday sale.

If contract wise it’s going to be much over £40 a month and up front cost over £150, I’m considering going down to the S10 or Note10.

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts. And of course if anyone knows of any deals...

I’ve had my current phone for 5 years so it’s a biggie for me!

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I had a Note 8 and was a great phone, I now have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and that is a fantastic phone (especially for the price)

Maybe when the Note 11 comes outside I might go back to Samsung, but until then I'm more than happy with my Mate 20.

Would I purchase another Huawei device, yes as long as they sort out the play store issues (which are not a problem on the Mate 20)
If your starting out on android then the best phone to purchase is the Galaxy Note10. At first you will be overwhelmed by the difference in operating systems but you will adapt. There are settings which allow you to use an iPhone style layout on your phone so you don’t have to worry about it being too complicated because it isn’t. It is very easy to transfer data from one phone to the other using an application called Smart switch. The box comes with an adapter which allows you to connect both phones together using a cable. The only downfall I have had is that WhatsApp is hard to switch over. As your WhatsApp is backed up on iCloud, there is no way you can access them chats on a Samsung as they back up onto google drive. You can use a 3rd party app called Wazzapp migrator. In terms of deals, around this time last year Samsung had a good offer on the Note9 the price was slashed from £899 to £600 and they even allowed you to trade in on top and claim up to £200 cash back. I purchased a note9 and ended up paying £100 after the trade in and cash back promotion. I would recommend you keep an eye on their employee purchase portal if you have access to employee benefits or on their student website if you know anyone who is a student. If you do have trouble with the phone or you need help setting up you can give their uk based customer service a call on 03330000333.
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