Samsung Note20 Ultra *Keeps Restarting / Blurry Camera*

Posted 17th Oct 2020

I have the note 20 ultra and need so advise/schooling

the camera after 2 weeks seems either blurry or/to only focus on certain spots. when I take close up pics of my fuel receipts for work parts of it are blurry like its not focusing on the whole peice.

do I use 108mp or 3:4 ratio for my day to day stuff. FYI I'm only ever taking pics of my family or random day to day stuff I'm not a avid camera guy. also in the 3:4 when I zoom in like x6/x7 it won't focus but when you play around with it and zoom in or out a touch more its perfect.....

and to the main problem.

atleast once every day or 2 it randomly restarts and sometimes I'm mid phonecall. I've checked the schedule auto restart is off and stuff and samsung just keep telling me to factory reset.
iv done this twice and I'm not doing it again.

someone please help or if you have the same problem what did you do/ are doing
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