Samsung NV100 HD - Digital Camera needed!

    Hello everyone. I need to get a new camera and have decided that this is the one I would like to get. However, the cheapest I can find is £169.99 from…tml

    Can anybody else beat this price?

    Rep will be added =)



    I want the exsact camera! its amazing and the video quality its second to none, it even beats many HD camcorders in its video alone! Go to vimeo and have a look at the videos amazing!
    I really want to titanium one £200 on amazon
    I would recommend amazon though (same price £169.99 apart from titainum) and warrenties are better with them!
    I just won £50 in the hukd birthday comp so i have my discount there! yeah for me!

    Hi all

    I saw this camera about a month ago and instantly decided it was the one i wanted. I appreciate that the 14.7mp is a marketing ploy etc but it still should give very good results. I find the use of a touch screen a valuble tool for those tehnophobes out there - this should avoid them pressing menu, ok, right 3 time, ok etc.

    I know people have been wondering about a case - samsung can provide one but im not sure if its specifically for the nv100hd or if its slightly bigger.

    My only gripe is that the black does not look black

    Also dont forget about amazon selling extended warranty - for 3 years its £17. however this does not get added to the 2 yrs from samsung but instead replaces it.

    I would love to hear from anyone that has bought one.

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Wilkinson Cameras…php

    They've got the Black and the titanium one for £165.99

    Merry Christmas! :santa:[/COLOR]
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