Samsung Omnia


    I'm looking for the best 12 month contract deal for the Samsung Omnia. Ideally would need around 300 mins and texts with unlimited internet/email but this is flexible.



    so am i the only one i can find with unlimited internet is vodafone?

    I've been round the phone shops today, as I want the Omnia but am currently on o2 with just a few days left on contract. Local shops have the Omnia £30 pcm 400 mins 500 txt for 18 months or £5 more for 12 months. You can add unlimited internet for £7.50 pcm. This is all with free handset and seems to be the norm. But I would love to get a better deal


    £5.00 more per month gets allot more minutes plus unlimited internet, sound good gonna pick mine up today:-D

    i think the unlimited web is 500mb a month do you think this is enough as charges are high if you go over

    I think 500mb is quite allot so long as your not downloading too much. If your browsing I found this mb calculator.]http//on…007 You can visit 1500 web pages 1500 mobile web pages, send 200 email, watch 150 mins of video and 30 minutes of music and still have 50mb left, baring in mind that a minute of video is 1mb, drop that and you can view 4000 web(not mobile friendly either) pages.
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