Found 24th Jan 2009
Hey, just got the new samsung omnia, just wanted to know what you guys thought of this phone, anyone got 1? anyone got any good tips with them.


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i personally dont like it, hence me selling it erlier on on HUKD.
Now its up on ebay

its not that easy to use with the interface. and Windows Mobile

My boyfriend's got one, the first thing he did was download a function that would lock it on the home screen. You just lide it across, think it's an iPhone thing.
Be careful with the alarm on it as sometimes it seems not to go off. Not sure if it's a general problem or just his phone lol but he's been late to work a few times!
He wouldn't think of swapping it just yet and he's had it a while, seems better than the iPhone.

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where did he download that lock program?

I own/use one. I like that it's slim and you can just slide it in your front pocket. The touch screen will take some getting used to (tip: grow a little bit of nail. it's annoying to take out the pen everytime you want to use the phone). The call system's a bit weird, when people call the sound is gradual, slow to loud. And not so cool pre-fix songs for receiving texts and stuff. Otherwise a good phone if you're anti-Apple.

Tip.. put on a good screen protector.

Oh and you can put skype in there as well

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i had a a screen protector on it and it came off so i took it off completly. you got any good programs on it? i tried putting sat nav on it but it didn't have enough room on a 8gb?
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