Samsung Omnia 7 OR HTC Desire HD ?

    hello, im torn between these 2 phones really, cause both contracts are similar i am in a genuine dilema

    i like the shape of the HTC and the size, however i prefer the windows phone 7 , but i dont like the shape of the omnia, theres too much bezel at the top and bottom

    let me know honest opinions in which contracts

    -best value

    -best phone

    - a personal quick review if you own one

    HTC TARIFF/s…nt=…776


    at the end of the day im looking for the best value contract aswell as the best phone


    Desire HD is awesome, especially if you can cope with the bigger screen. Apps will be mainly free on Android and you get the Sense UI - I'd go for this phone over anything at the moment, although the Galaxy S2 gets close

    Desire hd by a mile, look up reviews on the net.

    Spec on the D HD is really good. I was planning on getting one last week. but having used one and as purely personal opinion, it's just too big.

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    only thing thats changing my mind is the value of the omnia deal

    its actually cheaper on contract than payg, whereas the desire hd is cheaper by £150 on PAYG

    Desire HD because it has great specs and Android. If you want a better Android phone then I would suggest the Samsung Galaxy S 2.
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