samsung omnia hd i8910 looks good!!

    as much as i love my iphone 3g this handset looks awesome even though its using symbian and not andriod as was thought this would run,does any1 have this on pre order,…K8A


    i have hopefully got one coming sat or monday from cant wait looks mint - saw a dummy in orange shop the other day

    called them yesterday they said will have in stock friday or hoping it will be tomorrow then might get it sat morning - will post you a pic!

    orange should have these in stores tomorrow - spoke to a couple local ones and they are due in the morning.

    This is not good - its taking way too long.....apparently there were problems with the sound recorder on the phone....maybe i should have waited for the n97....anyone else ordered one?

    the porter;5231538

    forget what i said orange have them in today but shocking tariffs £70 … forget what i said orange have them in today but shocking tariffs £70 upfront on the £40 a month tariff 2 year and simlocked too i will wait till mobiles have them on o2

    Thats rubbish.....i am on orange now and could upgrade but i think the deals are better for a new contract.retentions didnt want to know when i asked about the hd.

    are you on o2 now? what do they tend to offer....problem is all my friends and family and the mrs are on orange so i get cheap/free calls

    That sounds pretty good - problem is my mrs has a 5800 recently on orange 500 mins 500 txts unlimited land line calls and 500mb wap for 19.50 so got an ok deal.(magic number free to each other)

    I want something similar with more txt and mins but cant see this phone available cheaply on contract - cheapest i have seen is 35 for a 18 month .

    might look at o2 - i have cancelled my mobiles order as not sure what way to go with it.
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